Judith River Dinosaur Institute Mission Statement.

The Judith River Dinosaur Institute was established in 1993.

The Institute provides the exploration, collection, preparation, and curation and represents the paleontological arm of the Little Snowy Mountain Dinosaur Project. The Little Snowy Mountains Dinosaur Project is the educational arm and research arm for specimens collected through the work of the Judith River Dinosaur Institute.

The Judith River Dinosaur Institute is dedicated to the responsible preservation and curation of our paleontological resources. The Institute is working in association with Museums, Universities, private and public land management agencies to identify, research and protect those sites.

The Institute’s educational field programs offer people from all walks of life a hands on experience with the methods, techniques, and theories of modern paleontology. By sharing the science of paleontology the Institute subscribes to the ideals of education creating awareness and funding for research.


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