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Application to Join a Judith River Dinosaur Institute Program 2022

The Judith River Dinosaur Institute attracts a wide range of people who are interested in the real world of dinosaurs and being out in the great outdoors of Montana. Digging dinosaurs is often hard, tedious, intense, hot and dusty work. While we have a lot of fun on our programs, this is serious science experience. Please consider that this program is more for adults interested in science and not a kids summer “Dino Camp”.

Weeks one and two are planned for the Little Snowy Mountains 100 miles north of Billings, Montana.  This is a camp out dig experience.

This program can be for you even if you are not experienced, as long as you bring a willing attitude and will listen to staff as they train you in the proper excavation techniques. With many years of experience in paleontology, we guarantee to teach you something new and have a laugh along the way.

Note that each week is limited to 20 persons so space is limited! Don’t wait too long or we will fill up and you will miss out on a great opportunity. The two weeks for next year will involve excavations of exciting new sauropod and stegosaurus finds – a truly rare and unique experience!

To join us for a program please read all the information, complete and sign the application form below. If you plan for a child aged 13-17 to attend, then the parent must complete the application form and list each child and their age. No minors ages 13-17 can attend unaccompanied by an adult. Additionally, each child and each accompanying adult is required to pay the full attendance fee.

You can make an online reservation by completing the application and click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the application. You will receive an auto reply email confirming your reservation. You’ll have 10 days to get us your completed, signed hardcopy of your application and 50% deposit. Once we receive your paperwork we will email you your official confirmation with rendezvous and dig details.

Mail the completed and signed application form with a check for 50% of the fee as a deposit to

The Judith River Dinosaur Institute
Box 80051, Billings, MT 59108

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