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Dinosaur Digs



Application to join a Judith River Dinosaur Institute Dig Program in the Little Snowy Mountains


Judith River Dinosaur Institute attracts a wide range of people who are interested in the real world of dinosaurs and being in the great outdoors of Montana. Digging dinosaurs is often hard, tedious, intense, hot and dusty work. While we have a lot of fun on our programs, this is a serious experience. Please consider that this program is more for adults interested in science and not a kid’s summer “Dino Camp”.

This program can be for you even if you are not experienced, as long as you bring a willing attitude and will listen to staff as they train you in the proper excavation techniques. With many years experience in paleontology, we guarantee to teach you something new and have a laugh along the way.

To join us for a program please read all of the information, complete and sign the application form below. If you plan for a child aged 13-17 to attend, then a parent must complete the application form listing each child and their age. No minors ages 13-17 can attend unaccompanied by an adult. Additionally, each child and each accompanying adult is required to pay the full attendance fee.

Upon completion of the form below, you will be redirected to an option to pay deposit by check or by credit card.

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    Full payment: $1895.00 per person
    50% min payment: $947.50 per person

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    Participant Rules and Responsibilities

    Dinosaur exploration and excavation can be physically demanding. It is important that you indicate here any disabilities, physical limitations and/or preexisting medical conditions that we should know about, including, but not limited to: respiratory or heart conditions, rare blood type, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies to dust, pollen, etc., and any instructions for unusual medications.

    If you have medical, religious or personal diet restrictions please indicate here: (NOTE: We can make reasonable accommodations but you are responsible for special dietary needs. We cannot guarantee to be able to meet all needs when in the field.)

    If you are bringing a vehicle to Billings please indicate if you are willing to drive some of the crew to the site, including how many and type of vehicle?

    1. The undersigned, as a participant in the program, will adhere to the highest standards of social and scientific behavior as deemed by the staff of the Judith River Dinosaur Institute. The Institute reserves the right to require withdrawal, at any time of any participant whose behavior or health jeopardizes themselves, the welfare of fellow participants, or the fulfillment of the program goals. Refunds are not issued in these cases.

    2. The undersigned has read the information concerning the program and accepts any risk thereof. The undersigned also hereby agrees for the undersigned’s dependents, heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, to release and hold harmless the Judith River Dinosaur Institute, its respective officers, employees, agents, or representatives from any and all damage resulting from participation in the program.

    3. I, the undersigned, indemnify and hold harmless The Judith River Dinosaur Institute, its officers, employees, agents, or representatives from any loss, liability, damage or costs that may be incurred due to the acts or omissions of any participant in the program.

    4. The undersigned further states and affirms that they are aware of the fact that the program and travel, even under the best of conditions possible, may be hazardous; that he/she assumes the risk of any and all loss of, or damage to, property and/or bodily injury, including death, however caused, resulting from or arising out of, or in any way connected to the program; that he/she is of legal age and is competent to sign this Participant Rules and Responsibilities statement (for 13 – 17 year old, this must be signed by the responsible adult who is accompanying them); and that they have read and understood all of the provisions herein contained.

    5. All minors need to supply a medical release form including current insurance information
      signed by a parent or guardian. 

    6. The undersigned releases to The Judith River Dinosaur Institute, all rights to use their likeness promotionally if photographed or videotaped during participation in the program.

    7. The undersigned will not duplicate, or allow to be duplicated, any images, handouts, materials, videotape, etc., or use for commercial purposes, any images collected as a participant of the program without the express written permission of The Judith River Dinosaur Institute.


    Conditions and Policies

    1. This fully completed application together with the 50% deposit does not guarantee your acceptance in the program or the date of choice. You will be contacted by email to inform you of your acceptance or what dates are available should your week already be filled. Please note that the remainder of your fee (the $1,895 less the 50% deposit you submit with this form) is due in full by June 1st – without exception.

    2. Families are especially welcome and encouraged to attend. All individual applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of signing this application. Younger applicants are welcome if accompanied by a guardian of 18 years or older. We do not normally allow participation by those 12 years and under but applications will be considered individually. Please contact The Institute about this arrangement for further details.

    3. The Institute is open to anyone in the general public as well as the educational community. However, JRDI reserves the right to decline application for any reason.

    4. REFUND POLICY: In the event that you are unable to participate, the deposit is refundable only if notification is received by April 1st. Refunds are not transferable to other programs. If the program cancels any program a full refund will be issued. If circumstances beyond the Institute’s control delay embarkment (i.e. due to weather) the associated costs due to such delays will be their own responsibility.

    5. All programs will originate from the Boothill Inn in Billings, MT.

    6. What is included with fee: Instruction, field tools, transportation to base camp, all meals at campsite and dig.

    7. What is not included in your fee – your transportation from home to Billings, MT, accommodations and meals while in Billings.

    8. The Judith River Dinosaur Institute accepts no responsibility for travel (or its arrangement) to and from Billings, MT to attend this program.

    9. Personal property (baggage, etc.) of the participants is the sole responsibility of the individual participant.

    10. Supplies you should bring: A high quality tent (geodesic domes are best) and other camping gear such as sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, broad brimmed hat, field boots, socks, towels, soap for showers, other toiletries, insect repellent, sunscreen, camera, coat for cool evenings. A more detailed list will be provided once you are registered.


    By signing here or having your name listed above, it is understood that all signed or listed have read and will comply with the rules of The Judith River Dinosaur Institute Program in the Little Snowy Mountains.

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