Paleontological resource assessment

We survey property with fossils and provide owners with a comprehensive report. We also offer pre-construction surveys for roads, building construction sites, and oil and gas line construction sites.

Private property fossil assessment

Many landowners are aware they have fossils on their property. However, many are not aware that fossils are a surface right and not a mineral right. Deeded landowners therefore own all materials outright, such as sand, gravel, shale, clays, and fossils. The state and federal governments have no say over the fossils on deeded property. Fossils are a resource on deeded land and can be capitalized on adding value to property.

We will come to your land to survey the property and evaluate the value of the fossil resource there.

Media consulting

We offer consulting for documentaries, films, and journalism. We have provided technical consulting services for Discovery Channel, PBS, National Geographic, and others for more than 25 years. We have the ability to communicate hard scientific concepts to the general public in a simple and creative way.

JRDI Services Fossil Assessment
exhibit design

Paleontological Exhibit Design and Installation

We offer skeletal mounting of a specimens with exhibit interpretation for maximum public education.

Public speaking

Throughout the past 35 years, Nate Murphy has presented to academia, science teachers and dinosaur enthusiasts alike. MSNBC’s science reporter, Allan Boyle penned him “The people’s paleontologist” for his ability to share scientific concepts in an entertaining and insightful manner. Nate has appeared on stage with many scientific notables such as Neal Armstrong and Jane Goodall – and he is available to speak at your next event.

Photographic catalog – publishing image use

We have an extensive photographic catalog – comprised of more than 30 years of excavations. Contact us if you need an image for publication.

Contract fossil preparation

Whether you have a world class specimen or a prized personal find, we can help you by professionally preparing your fossil in our state-of-the-art fossil preparation facility.

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