Fossil Preparation Courses

Fossil Preparation Courses



Our state-of-the-art 7000 square foot fossil preparation facility is where we prepare the excavated fossils for research in a controlled facility until it is time for the fossil to be exhibited.

Our Fossil Preparation Courses are an experience you can’t find anywhere else. Spend intensive time in the lab – located in Billings, Montana – while you prepare fossils found in the field for display in museums!

2024 / 2025 Fossil Preparation Courses

Fall 2024 Class

  • Week #1 – October 22-25, 2024  – 10% Full

Spring 2025 Classes

  • Week #1 – March 25-28, 2025
  • Week #2 – April 1-4, 2025




What will I learn in this course?

Fossil Preparation courses are rarely a part of college curricula today yet is an essential hands-on tool for curation and display of important scientific specimens whether vertebrate or invertebrate. This course is to provide that hands-on experience to lay people or professionals alike.

Here are some of the things you may learn in the course:

  • Jacket removal
  • Purpose and use of consolidants and adhesives.
  • Use of hand tools in preparation techniques.
  • Mechanical matrix removal with rotaries and pneumatics.
  • Microblasting and media use.
  • Reconstruction techniques.
  • Finishing for long term curation.
  • Introduction to curation science

How large is the class?

The classes will be limited to 8 students per class.

How long is the course?

32 hours (4 days from Tuesday to Friday)

Where is the course?

Dino Lab in Billings, Montana

Destination: Billings, Montana. Participants fly into Logan International Airport (served by most major airlines) on the Monday before. Airfare, lodging and all travel expenses to and from Billings are the participant’s responsibility. Our group meets at the Quality Inn (1-406-652-1320) at 9:00 am on Tuesday.

What is the cost?

$895.00. Includes instruction, supplies and lunch daily. Students will learn to prepare vertebrate/invertebrate fossil specimens. Students may bring their own fossils to prepare as well. Students are responsible for travel to and from Billings, lodging and evening meals.

Is my child able to attend?

If you have a child who wants to attend a course, know that we have hosted many middle and high school kids and these programs have produced over a dozen students who are now involved in paleontological preparation careers. It is not necessary for a parent or guardian to attend. We’ve handled minors for years and have parent references upon request. However, minimum age for kids is 16. Sorry, we cannot make an exception no matter how mature the child due to insurance liability requirements.


This is an experience of a lifetime. Send us a note with your questions – and we’ll be in touch.

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